What Is Yulair?

Yulair is a composed of a team of experts who scours the web for the cheapest flights leaving from your local airport and posts them online. Whether your plan is last minute or a month out, trust our intel to guide your next getaway! We post tickets priced so irresistibly low, we recommend leaving luggage packed so you’re ALWAYS ready for take off.

Travelling the world has never been so easy! With so many airlines, websites, mobile apps and agents competing to offer the cheapest flights and affordable hotel stays, one can say the industry is a traveler’s market! But among them all, Yulair is the site dedicated to finding the best rates, from your city!

One Rule: ACT FAST!

Remember, the fares we find are limited time only! Most of the deals disappear in just a few hours or days. Whether the tickets sell out (because another traveller beat you to the punch!) or the airline alters the price, you’re lucky if an offer remains available passed 48 hours. Be the first to get the latest deals and sign up for email alerts so you’ll never miss a flight!

The Yulair Philosophy:

So many of us as a kid have said “one day, I will see the world." But we come to realize that seeing the world takes much more than a day! Yulair believes travel is an integral part of life and should be done often! We don’t believe you have to see “everything”  all at once, rather, the best way to see the world is to travel many times each year. With Yulair, you can take several, affordable trips around the world… and around again! Yulair is a fun and fresh travel approach and hopefully your new way of life!

Our Beliefs:

- Travelling is not a luxury: it’s a meaningful way of seeing and understanding the world.
- Travelling is not some far off dream: it's  opportunities to seize daily.
- Travelling is not too expensive: Yulair makes Travelling inexpensive    
- The destination is not what matters: It’s not where you end up, the thrill is arriving!
- You don't need to see everything in one trip:  See the world one city, one cheap ticket at a time!

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