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Panama City

October - March

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October 15, 2022 to March 3, 2023

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round-trip flight, all taxes included

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Panama City (Panama)

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Panama City is quite an exciting city with a lot of history. You will be able to see many buildings in the typical Colonial Baroque style that was popular in all of Central America before the Spaniards were kicked out.

Panama City is a very beautiful city. The first thing you see in Panama's skyline is the contrast between the old (the Casco Viejo, old part of town) and the new (Balboa avenue, banking area and Punta Paitilla). While the modern part of town is a fast moving city with skyscrapers everywhere, all kinds of restaurants and night clubs, a lot of small shops as well as big department stores and shopping malls, cellphones ringing allover, the Casco Viejo takes you way back in time with it's narrow streets, cafes and it's great architecture.

Nice things to do include a visit to the Amador Causeway that connects three small islands to the mainland. Grab a bite in one of the many restaurants it has to offer, ride a bicycle, rent a boat and go fishing on one of the worlds best spots for sport fishing, watch the cruises dock at the marina at the end or to just take a walk and enjoy the sea breeze.

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