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Las Vegas

November - April

Flight available dates :
November 7, 2022 to April 27, 2023

This price includes :
round-trip flight, all taxes included

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Las Vegas (United States)

Non-stop flights on sale to Las Vegas starting at only $424 R/T from Montreal.

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In the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is like a mirage, like a fata morgana. The colors of the casinos and their neon lights, contrast sharply with the dry and barren land around.

What brings you to Vegas is clear: Las Vegas activities are all about having fun, more precisely having fun and gambling. Or, more truthfully, having fun, sipping on sinful cocktails at a Las Vegas hotel, gambling until dawn, dining at a five star Las Vegas restaurant, strip club hopping, and wondering "Hey, how long's the sun been up?" as they toss you to the curb because you ran out of gambling money.

And that is precisely what Las Vegas offers and what any Las Vegas travel guide will tell you: mind-boggling, out-of-this-world, oversized casinos in every size, shape and theme. Eiffel towers, Roman palaces, Egyptian Pyramids, even Mardi Gras & the Brooklyn Bridge! The sights of Europe, Africa, and the United States come to you - in one destination.

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